M16 Model Untextured



This is good, there are only a few things I notice.

Firstly, the weapon seems (at least from this angle) to lack a charging handle (pictured below).
M16 Example

Secondly, the front sight seems to be a bit too wide, it should be closer to the width of the barrel.

Lastly, some of the edges of the rifle do not look very sharp.

Other than those things, this is a good quality model.

Its okay. The silhouette is spot on! However theres a lot of issues with the model.

I can see you apply subdivision, but I noticed that you have not applied any sort of high poly workflow techniques into it. The most obvious one being the lack of supporting edges which as a result made your entire mesh very clay/play-dough looking. I suggest looking at some high poly techniques and come back to this model to refine it a bit more. I do have a link to a Polycount page which contains several resources that can help you bolster your knowledge with this workflow. Although Iā€™m not entirely sure if I am allowed to post that link here.

Aside from that I think it looks decent! But there is still much to be done here.

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