M1911 with unions, but I can't make it smaller

Hello! I am trying to make an M1911with only unions, but ROBLOX won’t let me scale it down to the size I need. I set my move to 0.01, but I need it a bit more smaller.
If anyone knows how I could somehow bypass this and make it smaller, I would greatly appreciate the help.

Here is a picture if you’d like to see.

Thanks in advance.

.05 is the maximum you can scale and you can fix this issue by converting it into a meshpart (you will need to make the hitbox bigger tho)

How would I convert it to a meshpart?

export the file and I’m just gonna type some words because I need at least some characters so I can post and then you can probably add a meshpart and then put the file in the meshpart and then you move it and then it will work

I use a plugin that rescales anything to any size!

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