M4A1 Gun Animation Test | Animated Rainbow

Can I have feedback on the now rainbow skin I made?


I like the sounds you inserted into the animation. The animated rainbow may look basic, but i think it kinda fits. Something i saw was that when reloading, the rainbow effect in the bullet holder (at least i call it that way because i dont really know too much about guns :laughing:) stops, and then weirdly starts changing again. Maybe you shold check that out.

It may look like that just because the animation was really fast. I did noticed, however, that when the bullets are not attached to the gun, the animated skin is still where the bullets used to be attached.

Yes, i also saw. Maybe you could fix that or keep it, your choice!

Wow it’s so awesome, Great job.

Wow, that’s so cool. Did you use tweening or something else? It’s really good, you have talent.

I’m not that advanced in scripting, so I pasted like 100 textures with 100 different scripts that make them move onto the gun. If possible, I would try to make the gun a mesh. I already made a mesh, but I don’t know how to put the texture on it. It always glitches out when I try.

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This may cause great optimization problems, it’s never good to have many scripts and many lines. Look at youtube I am pretty sure that there are tutorials on how to make smooth color changing rainbow bricks also about you making textures, that isn’t needed I believe, just change Color and make sure it doesn’t have any textures.