Mac can't pan the camera backwards with the scroll-wheel. Only forward

This is a bit of an inconvenience. Scrolling with my bluetooth Magic Mouse pans the camera forward, but scrolling “backwards” doesn’t do anything. The camera doesn’t budge. It’s like I can only move forward. I don’t have any other mice to try this on.

Edit: Just realized I of course have a trackpad on my macbook right in front of me. Using that also gives me the same problem. So it’s not a mouse problem.

I’m on a 2012 Retina Macbook Pro if that helps diagnose anything. This has only been a problem since the most recent studio update.



Can confirm with a Late 2012 iMac w/ Magic Mouse running Yosemite.

Edit: Only seems to happen in an edit window. Play Solo scrolls normally.

Can confirm using Magic Mouse and MacBook trackpad.


I seriously can’t really use Studio with this bug. I’ve been relying on this wheel scrolling for the 7 years I’ve been on Roblox. :frowning:


We’ve decided that zooming out isn’t helpful, and we’ve deprecated it as a result.

No, but seriously, this is something we’re looking into and can hopefully get fixed soon!

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