[Mac] Extremely jumpy mouse when testing

This bug, in a slightly different form, has been occurring for the past 6 months, but it wasn’t as severe as it is now. Before the mouse would jump back and forth from one position and back, and only at lower frame rates.

It seems now the mouse will spring back and forth erratically until it’s outside the window, regardless of how slow the game is running. This only happens when testing in Studio.

Jul-06-2016 00-15-51.gif

I don’t know if this is a bug related to mouse acceleration or what, but I don’t have any software or drivers which would change anything. This happens on both my mouse and trackpad. I asked on Twitter and apparently this is a common problem, but I haven’t seen it reported anywhere yet, so… hopefully we can repro this?


There seems to be a lot of general mouse issues with ROBLOX on OSX right now. For example when I move my mouse out of the ROBLOX game window, and click anywhere outside of it, the mouse teleports its location slightly. Also when I try to move my mouse onto my second monitor from a ROBLOX game, it does the same thing.


Yes!! This exact thing happens to me too and it’s driving me nuts.


there are some OSX mouse bug fixes going out tonight, but these are for the game client, not studio. I will try and repro this studio behavior on OSX now. Thanks!


is this with an actual mouse on OSX? or with a trackpad?

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Happens with both. (I’m using an early 2015 13" Macbook Pro)

what version of OSX? is the place you are testing pretty large (how many parts, a lot of CSG)? asking a lot of questions because I am having trouble reproing, want to make sure I can see the behavior before I try and fix

I’m on OS X 10.11.5, and this happens even on an empty baseplate. I wish I knew of any other factors that could be involved but I really don’t know what else could be causing it.

It happens with a wireless magic mouse too on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. The last two times it happened for me in Studio test mode was with a place with only one or two parts and one with only terrain.

could you try this now? I turned something on that will either fix it completely or make it a lot less crazy.

Seems a lot better to me. When I have low FPS it still happens though


I did have this issue when this was first posted, but now it’s become really bad. My cursor is very jittery, jumping ALL over my screen, and I can barely work (and save my current work for that matter). Can this please get fixed soon?

Mouse teleporting stopped but theres more issues, especially with dual monitors as when I’m on a screen with the ROBLOX client, move my mouse to the other screen to do something, and move it back to the game, the mouse does not re-engage with the client window and I have to use the Launchpad shortcut to get the roblox mouse back, strange workaround.

Edit, this same thing happens when you disengage with the client window and try to reengage with it, so the dual monitors thing isn’t necessary to replicate.

Can confirm does happen.

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Any word on a fix? My cursor is much more stable but I still get the bug. It also affects my cursor outside of Studio, so this issue has become very irritating.

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This bug is really getting on my nerves. Using ROBLOX player on one screen (in native fullscreen) locks the mouse to the window and you can’t get it out to use the other screen without tabbing outside of it. When you finally get out and want to go back in again, you can’t click on the window and expect the mouse to work, you have to go into launchpad and click on the player.

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I’m on Windows 10 and not sure if this is a similar problem, but for some reason I literally cannot use my mouse while testing. The test server and studio run fine, but any test clients the mouse gets locked on the top left corner of the screen and all I can do is click the menu.

Just a lil’ reminder that this issue does affect my cursor outside of Studio as well. I don’t know if it’s become more frequent, but at least I know it only occurs so long as a Studio window is open. Very aggravating. Extremely work-inhibitng. Would appreciate news on any sort of patch.

Yes this is a very annoying bug I hope this gets fixed soon! I CANT EVEN PRESS A BUTTON ON A SIMPLE GUI!!! Im so annoyed…

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opens Roblox Studio
mouse immediately starts teleporting again
tries to close Roblox Studio
tries to close Roblox Studio
tries to close Roblox Studio
tries to close Roblox Studio
tries to close Roblox Studio

restarts computer