[Mac] Studio crash on startup

So while my computer is being repair, i’m borrowing a sibling’s old computer.
Roblox client is working fine, however whenever i try to open studio, i get this error:

  Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libc++.1.dylib
  Referenced from: /Users/kids/Applications/RobloxStudio.app/Contents/MacOS/libfbxsdk.dylib
  Reason: image not found

i’m currently running mac OSX 10.6.8
i do recall this machine being able to run roblox studio in the past, however that was a few years ago.
did ROBLOX pull compatibility for the version i’m on?

Try installing gcc on your mac - that should fix your issue which is just a missing library.

So just install? Any instruction past that?

I did a bit more googling and actually, no, that won’t work.

You need to install LLVM/clang on your system to get libc++ (gcc uses libstdc++ - which is a similar library but made by GNU) - the easiest way to do this appears to be to install XCode and then install the ‘Command Line Tools’ package (within the Downloads tab in XCode Preferences).


There’s no easy fix for this is there?
Or just… a download for a fixed file?

If you install that, and the ‘Command Line Tools’ package, it should in theory work properly. Another option, for if you have Homebrew installed, is to run the command brew install --with-clang llvm.

5.5 GB download for xcode…

whelp, time to go to bed and maybe i’ll have a quarter done by the time i wake up.

Oh boy. In that case, the Homebrew solution may be better.

I don’t have homebrew either.
but right now, the internet is being… okay(ish) and only says a few hours, i’ll get back to you when it’s done,

Whelp, i give up on that, it downloaded, and now whenever i un-archive it’s switching between .xip to xip.cpgz, each time creating a new file of 5.9 gb…
any other solutions?

You should try upgrading the software to 10.11 (El Capitan), which is the latest there is. I’m not having any issues opening Studio on my Mac.

Would love to do that, but this is not my machine,
They were ok with me downloading a thing ir two, but an OS update would be too far for one issue

Studio no longer supports Mac 10.6, so that may be the problem.

Oh, ok.
You need to have the system requirements page updated then, it says 10.6 and up are still supported