Mac Studio framerate drops

The issue is that mac’s studio’s framerate drops very quickly. I’ve noticed a few patterns though: clearing out com.roblox.RobloxStudio.plist file in ~/Library/Preferences speeds up the framerate (for roughly 5 seconds, before it drops again). Also, opening a game when in full screen immediately leads to a slow framerate, however opening a game in window mode gives a few seconds before the framerate drops. I’m confident that the hardware is not the issue, as it’s able to run other software without an issue (2022 M2, MacBook air).

When you open up the render panel in view, the Render NOM is on average 30. However, when you open up the script editor, when you close out of it, sometimes the Render NOM will become 90 for a few seconds, and studio will run smoothly until it becomes laggy again.

Expected behavior

Studio is expected to run at a consistent framerate, and it shouldn’t be dropping constantly.


Thanks for the report! Could you provide some logs, please?

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Would you be able to give me a quick rundown on what you mean by logs, how you’d like me to get tthem? I’m not entirely sure what you mean :sweat_smile: .

Try the " How to Get Microprofiler Dumps" section in this post How to post a Bug Report - Bug Reports - DevForum | Roblox