Macchiato Cafè Alliance Application

Macchiato Cafè Alliance Application

Want to partner with Macchiato? Here are the requirements and application.

  1. Group must not be botted, our HRs will check.
  2. Group must hire professional Baristas/LRs; MRs and HRs.
  3. Group must have 50+ Members in their group and Discord must have 20+
  4. Must not free rank, sell ranks, or giveaway ranks.
  5. Must have an organized Communications Server made for their group.
  6. Must have organized Departments for your HRs to join such as Appeals, Public Relations, etc.


Why should we partner with you?
How can you benefit us?
How can we benefit you?
Please provide a Communications Server Invite for your group as well as it’s name and Roblox Link.
Please send us the usernames of people you plan on having to represent the group, and be ranked “Alliance Representive”.

Applications should be sent in an HRs DMs or by opening a ticket in our Communications Server. Apps cannot be sent in-game.

Macchiato Public Relations