Machine Learning

I am a complete beginner. and I would like to learn how to use and apply machine learning in games, how it works, and things I can do with it. I have seen games like vehicle simulator use machine learning for their AI cop cars and I want to do a similar thing.


Machine learning actually does relate to AI a lot. Machine Learning basically is letting a machine access and process data without human intervention. I’m not totally sure if this is possible on Roblox yet, but I guess you could try and find a way. Seems pretty advanced to me.

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I’m sorry to say, but there’s no easy way of doing this, especially for a complete beginner. Not many developers have gone into depths with Machine learning so I don’t believe there’s any resources that can help.

Sorry for the let down.


Even that example looks like it uses pathfinding and some Boolean values to check when a player is going over 50 miles per hour, and if the player is in sight of the cop car. If this is what you think machine learning is, then pathfinding is used in it. From what I’ve read, machine learning is when computers are able to take and process data all by themselves, like an AI. Now, normal NPCs in Roblox I don’t believe take in data by themselves, we as the programmers have to tell an NPC what to do, and when to do it. Machine learning (I believe. Don’t take anything I say as true because I just looked it up when you wrote this topic because I was interested in it) is when an AI can take data all by itself, and then do something with that data, all by itself. This probably doesn’t make any sense to you, and it really doesn’t make much sense to me either. I suggest searching “machine learning” in your browser like I did to get some more information on this.


Machine learning is just 3 or 4 arrays of values (depends on construction) with stored connections in it (for each value). The connections will contain also it’s weight. (neural networks)
Weights will be modified every generation to get the best result. (this is an actual part of machine learning)
Example of NN “wiring” might look like
image The “Connection_Strength” means weight of it.