Macros/Code snippet plugin

I’ve created a plugin which allows you to write snippets of code and run them on demand in studio. Here’s a few ways you could use this.

  • Perhaps you’re bored of always setting up a new place, now you can write a snippet with your defaults which you can run to make those boring baseplates less boring.
  • Maybe you often find yourself needing to change a lot of properties in one go, perhaps setting all green parts material to grass? With this you need only write that script once.

The plugin will automatically save your macros locally so that they will persist between games and studio sessions.

Here’s a quick demo.

Problems, suggestions or bug reports? Post them here.


So if I understand this correctly, it is more-or-less the command bar with better organization and automatic execution options?

Indeed. I am looking at adding other features though like killing a script mid-execution for example.

As much as I want to use this plugin, I had to disable it because it becomes a problem on team create. Could you add a setting to disable it for team create and/or a certain place ID?

I’m assuming there’s some sort of conflict that arises? I’ll look into this.