[MAD LADS] Hiring a builder [50K ROBUX GUARANTEED or 10% REVENUE]

About Us

Mad Lads is hiring a builder for a new game we are developing called “City of Thieves”. This new development will be the third publicly released game by Mad Lads. Check out our previous releases here.

About Me

My name is Zernov and I have been developing since 2012. I have had 3 games reach the front page: Area 51 - 3k+ concurrent players (2013), Castle Tycoon - 12k+ concurrent players (2014), and Space Outpost Simulator - Top Rated at 90% PC approval (2019). By 2014, I earned over 4m robux from my games. My vast experience in producing games and my large amount of funds has enabled me to assemble high quality teams and produce top tier games. I am confident in the probability that this next game of mine will be a big success.

The Team
@Zernov - Project Manager, Builder, Sound Engineer, UI Design, GFX, Investor
@vaqxus - Scripter
@Unknown - Lead Builder

About The Job

We are looking for someone skilled to join our team as the lead builder. I have already made progress on the city map and have a number of assets to provide and a good blueprint to guide you towards what is expected. The city will be medium size and will require a swoth of enter-able buildings and non-enterable buildings to fill space. I have designed a set of roads for you to distribute throughout the city and build around. This build is NOT a low poly build. The city does not have to be high-detail, but whatever level of detail you choose, I expect the it to be consistent for the whole map. Contact me for more details.


I am offering 50K robux guaranteed for completion (Groupfunds) OR a lesser up front amount in exchange for 10% of game revenue. My most recent game, Space Outpost Similator, netted over 1M robux in revenue despite many bugs and never leaving the beta stage. I am using my experience from Space Outpost to create a more streamlined, multiplatform experience that is fun for players of all ages with more clear objectives. In summary, percentage of revenue may yield much higher returns than up front payment, but up front payment is guaranteed. The choice is yours. I have high expectations for City of Thieves and look forward to having a builder join the team.


You must be 13 years or older and have a portfolio to present upon applying for the job. Developers with no portfolio will be immediately declined. Contact me directly to apply.

Contact Us

Contact me via the developer forum or via discord: Zernov#2929

Thanks for reading!


Hi there! I’m interested in the job. My discord is nova;#8781, and here is my portfolio:[CLOSED] Maenaryz building portfolio | commissions

Hi, if I’m interested in the job, you can contact me at discord, please, discord: ronald_YT # 4379 I’m very good at the megores

Hi, I am a sucessful developer here is one of my games, contact me if you want to hire me

I am interested


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