Mad Paintball 2 is cooking

This is rolling out pretty fast. Not too fast, but just the right amount of fast.
What do you think?

I also can’t wait to hear from Roblox on my xbox review request - pushing it to xbone will be dope…


I’m just in awe by the video quality.


I think I’ll actually play that on Xbox One with my friends, or well play it in general… I really have been looking for a good game on ROBLOX for a while.

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Also, needs more aimbotting. :wink:

Since when did paintball guns have muzzle flash?


Since they got mad


Well played

FilteringEnabled, right?

Nope, definitely not

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Image ![|500x314](upload://rrkc2v6bvPoyq6FPYvePpxqj8Av.png)
Why are you still leaving your games vulnerable to exploiter attacks? We have suggested many times over that you use FilteringEnabled, so why haven't you?

Hopefully that was a joke…


Want to just cite this:



Can I be a character in the MPB2 assuming you keep that same character selection model?



The dramatic increase with FOV as the only ADS factor seems pretty disorientating even to just watch it.

Also realistic guns in a paintball game…ehhhh


I’m sorry… did someone say ‘beat’ Phantom Forces?

I think I’ve got you beaten at beating the … whoa. Anyways I think I’m one step ahead >:)

For a paintball game this looks awesome, though. There’s DEFINITELY room in the market for a ‘Competitive feeling’ ‘but not as performance heavy as PF’ game. That being said, though, PF is VERY well optimized. You’d have to do something crazy like mesh gun models for other players to increase performance any further than PF.

Edit: Also you should make weapon sway pivot around the weapon handle, not the characters head. Making it pivot around the head looks really cheap, whereas making it pivot around the handle of the gun makes it look realistic/ MLG

I hope it runs as well as daxter’s “Paintball!”

My connection is slow yet his game runs very well (i.e. no network lag) regardless. All of your “Mad whatever” games choke on my connection, with your first paintball game being completely unplayable (and usually filled with exploiters anyway).

All FPS games have a massive downside on ROBLOX because of their distribution of servers. Everyone outside of the US gets like 200-300 ping on every game. The higher the quality of the game the more lag you’re going to have to deal with too. This squashes down your audience smaller than PFs before even starting. It’d be cool if you could prove this wrong, but you’re going to have to do so much optimization to overcome this.

Very smooth gameplay. Impressive.

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for real?

Ye boi

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