Mad Paintball 2 is out!

One of our longest creations yet, in collaboration with ScriptOn!

Help us get the word out!


cute gui :octopus:

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All of my hard work finally paying off :sunglasses:

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I like the style and simplicity of everything. It’s fun. :smiley:


Heyy that’s pretty good

There seems to be a relatively spread out like-dislike ratio – I know it’s a bit early – but do you know what preliminary feedback you’re receiving? Why are people thumbs downing Mad Paintball 2?

The first screenshot perfectly represents what MPB2 currently is.


I think the gameplay is to slow. Plus there is no third person. Oh and the gun don’t really remind me of a paintball game. But I guess that is from personal preference.

Let me know if you want feedback.

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Played for roughly an hour and other prominent robloxians who I was in a server with didn’t seem to enjoy the game too much, saying it lacked in places. I personally enjoy the game and I liked Mad Paintball 1, it’s just too similar and deprived of content right now for me to enjoy playing it every day.


Why am I a girl character with no way to change it?
Killfeed hides the buy rubies thing
Winning feels unsatisfactory.
Absolutely unsure which team I am on, everyone on my team gets a blue marker over their head even when I am red team.


Now that I’ve actually gone back and have played it nearly daily just because I’m extremely bored, I can tell you that the weapon tiers make the game extremely unbalanced and the game is easily exploited. I rarely go into a server, play an hour and not see any exploiters. Some use aimbots, others use glitch bots to help them sprint and run through walls. Shooting through walls also seems to be a big issue because even when fully covered behind a corner, it seems like you’ll still get shot. Also sniping seems to be a little finicky as sometimes you’ll aim directly at their head and it’ll miss even when at 100% power and they’re not moving. Other than those issues and the extreme lack of content to differ it from the first game, it’s an alright game to play. P2W just seems to be too focused here.

Edit: Also way too often the game lags out. My internet is fine and my computer is really powerful so it’s nothing on my end.

The weapons on all tiers are purely cosmetic and are not stronger than the starter weapons in any way.

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I didn’t know you could triple collat people with paintballs :dizzy_face:



It doesn’t appear so. There are players with tier 3 even 4 weapons that have a much better KDR than almost everyone else. I’m not complaining if they’re good or not, it just seems that everyone that has it can almost one-shot.


I’ve coded a giant piece of this game and I can 100% tell you that no gun from any tier has different stats from that of the default weapons. It’s a placebo effect which seems to be working pretty well, both in terms of marketing and profits.



Also found a seed hacker, don’t see how these ppl are still around lmao.

@loleris 749bb3cece2fe94ac4544f92a8b7b37b.png

problems i have had with it:
1.) there are only 4 classes, meaning everyone is the same – the gameplay gets boring because of the lack of different weapons you can use. maybe add a stat point system where you can sacrifice HP for movement speed, etc.
2.) the reload animations aren’t in sync with the actual reload code. too many times I put the bullets in the clip, switch guns, and have to reload again because there was .2 seconds left in the reload
3.) lack of advanced movement means that there is no skill required for the game except for aiming

the good:
1.) the guns are satisfying to use (most FPS games on Roblox fail to make satisfying guns, save for Phantom Forces)
2.) Sniping is fun
3.) the monetization is on point, i instantly had to see all the tier 4 weapons so i bought rubies until i had them all

imo the guns are better in MPB2 but the gameplay diversity in MPB is better


Aimbotting is a real issue with the game, which is why I’m playing it much less now. Just today, a very low ranking user named BuNnY1342345 was aimbot sniping. It was obvious because he had a 60 kill streak in one round that he joined halfway through. My one friend who is much better at the game than me even said that there’s no doubt he was using an aimbot. Please fix aimbotting, it’s driving players away.