Mad Paintball 2 project scripting

The job would involve working on the already existing project:

It needs full UI scripted - menus and HUD, items and selecting, purchases, game modes. Basically all it takes to release the game. Game mechanics are mostly finished in the project.

Payment is per agreement, but it could be about 5,000,000 R$

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Is there any pay beforehand and is there any guarantee that we would be paid, also how would we be paid?

As long as I get all the guarantees that person can do an excellent job, I could pay in any way he’s comfortable with.

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1million is enough :money_mouth:

I can I guess :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that you have all the UI and graphics done?

I think that Chichine is an amazing scripter, as he has completely scripted my game, Flight.

If you were to choose Chichine for the scripting job, I think you would have chosen the right person, as he scripts to deadlines, and codes quickly and efficiently! :smiley:

Is this thread solved?

I think :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry Chichine :frowning:

? Why

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