Made a Ak-47 In Roblos Sudio

Made a Ak-47, accepting all constructive critisism and looking for improvments.

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also is their a way I can keep all of the parts together even when their unanchored? ( Trying to not union them all so the player will be able to shoot )

Reference image I used >>>>>


Also, what gun should I make next?

why is the ammo mag thinner than paper


I can’t even imagine how you did that, it’s really good!


I like the ak47! pretty cool but the next gun I want you to try to make is the M4A1.

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I personally believe DiamondPlate isn’t too fitting on a weapon, I suggest you change it to metal. The ammo mag is also extremely thin.


Looks pretty good, but I would work on the texturing and making it a bit more smoother

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Imao, sorry

fixed it! longer?

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That’s insane for a model in Roblox Studio. I love it so much! Keep up the great work! :muscle:

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I think what mike was trying to say was that the magazine is extremely thin, most magazines are going to be twice that width.

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Cut the sharp edges of the gun by using Union, Separate, Negate stuff, you should also change the textures of the thing and if you want to keep all of the parts together you should use welding tools

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Use welds or motor6Ds.

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and also this time ima time myself so I can track my proggress

moter6D? whats that?? never heard of it

Also writing on purpose wrong names of Roblox Studio or Motor6D doesn’t make stuff here funny.

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Awesome work! Keep it up! Especially for a build in Studio!

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also is this gun what your talking about?

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What is Roblos :joy:
Anyways, it’s really well made, although a little bit blocky. I don’t know if you intentionally made it blocky or it was just a first try in studio. But hey, really nice work and well made in Roblox Studio! :slight_smile:

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A Joke I made idk lol, man its just spelled like that B)

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I intentionally did, I tried my best to match the texures

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