Made a cartoony style showcase. opinions?

hey i jsut made a cool cartoony style showcase
opinions pls


Hi, I just visited the place, here is what I can say about it.

It’s quite basic, but still cool! I like how you changed the sky too.
One thing, why is there a blur effect? I think it doesn’t really fit here. But it’s my opinion.

Anyways, nice work! Keep going,

Hello! I visited the place and, just no, not trynna be mean but you asked for my opinion, I dislike everything about it, first of all, the skybox is a free model, the bench is just NO, the tree, just why? And don’t get me started on the bush, the blur is unbearable especially in a “cartoony style showcase,” I also see that you are a UI designer, clearly that must be your strength, no hate!

Rebellion ~~~~

Let’s get into it First of all there is only one type of tree and that will make things feel too repeated and Boring and the benches are just repeated over and over again

The bushes are maybe too simple for me and you could have added some berries into them to make them look at least better. and the Benches look alright but I think the Handles are too thin and my biggest problem with it is there are no other colors other than green, I love colors and so interested in them and got to say having one single color in a whole map is not very interesting to look at and the trees are a Singular color also and the “Hills” you could have made each part a different tone of green. I would have added flowers rocks mushrooms anything to add some color.
I can see you are a beginner and do not blame you for making these mistakes cause I have done them as well. I would recommend playing a lot of showcases and watch Speed builds to get a better idea of how they are making those builds.

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