Made a character that smokes c*garettes, will i get banned?

So i made a character like 4 months ago, he’s character named smker from the anime one piece, nobody even played so i guess it didnt matter, but recently im remaking the game, so im curious will get banned becuz making a character that smkes?

EDIT/UPD: sorry to anyone that felt like their time was wasted, i asked the question becuz, roblox normally acts right away when u upload a mesh or decal that violates their TOS, but when i uploaded my cgarettes’ meshes they didn’t warn or ban me. Also there are already a couple of games that got cgarettes in them as accessories, and they’re doing just fine
this leads me to believe there’s a line of it being a “decoration / accessory” and it being a “c*garette”
I’m sorry i didnt made myself clear enough


Quite honestly, I think you can get banned for this as I think its against ROBLOX TOS. This is because it could influence smaller children on smoking. This is the same as another game that contained Adultery which soon got removed off ROBLOX. If you do this your account may be at risk. So follow the ROBLOX TOS and don’t make these mistakes.


most likely.

anything that promotes smoking, taking drugs, drinking alchohol, or gambling is highly against the rules, as this is a childrens game.

this seems like a silly question if you ask me.

also, why is cigarettes censored to “c*garettes” in the title of this topic? it’s not a bad word on here.

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Yup your gonna get banned mate. Better delete before a Mod Time bans your account! Act fast!


This wouldn’t be allowed on the platform.


Just remember - most of Roblox’s audience is comprised of children. Content like that wouldn’t be appropriate to share with them, so Roblox would most definitely take action against it.


I said “Time Ban” Not complete ban. The guy need’s to fix what has to be done! Please delete the model @msn06s166

Oops, sorry! “Mod Time Ban” looked like an odd word so I skipped over it, sorry!

It’s ok mate! Have a nice day!

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I’m done with these topics. Last time I checked, cigarettes are drugs. Please use common sense.


Use of alchool, drugs, and other things like that are not allowed in roblox, you should remove the character from the game

If you don’t want to entireley remove the character, you could replace the cigarrette with something else, like a lolipop.
That’s what NTJJG did to jotsro in his taunt animation.

Being outright banned isn’t likely unless you’ve been banned many times in the past or already have plenty of warnings. What’s likely to happen is the moderators will hit you with a warning and delete the related assets or game.

You would get banned, but only for a while, depending whether or not you went against the Roblox ToS before. My friend made a thumbnail using one of “those” in a characters mouth and he got banned for a day. And plus, it’s against the Roblox ToS so don’t risk it.

oof, dont judge stuffs without even look in to it, there are already a couple of games out there with c*gerates in them and they’re doing completely fine rn,
Also, if u ever got warned or banned by roblox u’ll know they pretty much would do it right when u uploaded a mesh or a decal, i uploaded my meshes just fine too, and it was textured too, i asked becuz i feel like there’s between line of “smoke” and “decoration”, that could be the reason why the source of gif wasn’t shut down yet, sorry i didnt make myself clear enough, i apologize.

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