Made A Conceptual OST For Something (beginner, looking for feedback)! (update)

Back in August I was thinking about a game, similar to L4D, which would be about a little town called “Protagoras Falls”, being in lockdown because of demonic infection spread across it. In the end of Semptember I came back to it and did these couple of ambient tracks + also main theme to it. That’s the first “something” that I’m recording in Ableton Live Lite with couple of free virtual instruments, so I still have some more things to learn 'n practice.

Morning Rises Again I - theme, that plays at the sunrise after surviving a night


Morning Rises Again II

PROTAGORAS BURNS - Imagine if this place was also story-based and this would be an ending theme

Probably, I’ll be uploading more tracks to this album (outdoor ambients, combat loops and etc.), so I’ll leave a link to my SoundCloud playlist, if you wanna check them out.
(Stream faithenstein_ | Listen to PROTAGORAS FALLS (Conceptual Early OST) playlist online for free on SoundCloud)

Feel free to comment on what you think of it. That means alot for me! tnx

P.s. Yeah, that was awhile, I guess. I dunno, would this be alright if I update this tread with non-contextual demo to it, but here it is.

Recently got my hands on Ableton once again, since I have some irl things planned on the next year (rlly sry there, Plasma). so I decided to fix one of my rigs beyond the projects and I’m kinda happy with the results now.

tnx for reading,


Every song here is a hard win in my books. I love it all so much, good work!

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the protagoras falls main theme is too less ambient and has some very intense parts. i have no words, i am not a music maker (composer), so i cant really judge your work properly enough for you to improve.

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No worries. The way how it sounds is what matters.

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it sounds very relaxing, and gives of the tone you want it to

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Are you accepting commissions?

Some of your work is insane.


Yes and no. The rest of tracks I was making uses freeware (except of couple gears and synth, for sure), but anyway, I can do commission

These sound amazing. My only gripe is that in the main theme, the synth at the start does not fit with the horror sound effects, and I feel like the horror sound should come in first, then the synth.


Man, I love these instruments. Could you name a few of them so that I can use them in my music-making work? Often I’ll find an instrument or sound in a song but I’ll have no clue what to look up to find it. Also, the music you made for this game could seriously go into a serious indie-project. It’s amazing.

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I’ve been playing alot with “Surge” synthesizer and kinda was impressed by it’s simplify + it has enough FX for such a freeware (ring modulator, distortion, numbus and etc.).

Guitars, piano and strings were made with LABS by Spitfire Audio. They have a big choice of instruments and other experimental samples for free.


Every track you created here is amazing!