Made a cool gallery!

Heres 2 images of the gallery!

how does it look?


This time I didn’t even care to edit it.

nice! Keep it up. Am i allowed to play your game

hm, well just wait till the next update :wink: for now, here’s the game without it. because the update will be in march Get stuck in your own house (Animations Update) - Roblox and before you say, yes there is a way to get out. lol

That looks cool! I’m gonna have to try and play it!

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check the post by me. its in next update.

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Very nice gallery, well done!!

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Looks pretty plain, you should add more detail or structures

I added purple cones. is that good enough? what am I suppose to add? gallery’s are suppose to be plain. so the build won’t distract you.

Colors are bad and its too blocky