Made a few GFXs; your opinion & feedback

Hello, today I made a few gfx and I would like to share it. I was wondering your opinion on them, and how it can improve. There is also a poll to vote so I can get opinions. Please send feedback below, and reply stating whats wrong and what needs improvement.


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Thanks to all who voted and sent feedback


I think that the two renders could be lit up a bit more, because they seem a little dark and dull. Other than that, they look pretty good ^^


They are well-made but bland in all honesty.

The first one should probably have a background rather than just black, and the zombie’s head appears to be a different shade of green than its arms. I like the detail on the crowbar though.

The second one has more detail which is good, but some of the details are confusing i.e. gun placements. The monkey on the left is holding a two-handed gun in only one hand, the middle monkey has one pistol aiming above a player and the other is aimed at the block in front of him and the third monkey is aiming a machine gun into the wall. The background behind them is also very bland again. However, I like the use of different poses for each monkey, and the wall in front of them is quite cool.

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Renders could use a bit of light but I like the 2nd render a lot, made me chuckle a bit.

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The designs have good use of elements it just lacks lighting features which should be implemented to enhance the scene a bit more. I’ll say try to increase the lighting on the scene perhaps experiment with lighting, instill you get something you like.

I would perhaps include a different character placed within the design instead of repeating it, add some “HDRI” in the first design instead of having it fairly plain place. I’m curious this is your first time creating something within a 3D software, I feel like it just needs those small details to enhance it more.

At the start it isn’t bad you just have to incorporate lighting to add realism: Refer source

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