Made a game and got stuck with lag

What are you working on currently?" So I am making a forest game and the map is huge BUT ONE THING I AM FACING IS THE LAG there is over 100k mesh parts and I am lagging so bad.

What I need is someone or ideas to stop this lag I can’t delete tress before you ask because the tress is part of the game A Forest…

It seems not many people know so I blame roblox.
It took me 1 week for the idea and build it and I can’t make a big enough map that is tress and doesn’t lag my idea ruined

An update high end devices can play this game.


Have you try using StreamingEnabled?

Yes I have indeed and streaming minium is set to 60.

And you don’t have a script that running in render step or something similar?

If it is only the map I’m afraid there is nothing you can do except to reduce the mesh used, or reduce the tris on each meshes.

It seems sad though I can’t aboubdoned this project or make it big

Try grouping some areas.30charsss

Hello I have tried that nothing really happened

In performance

Have you updated your studio. If you have not you probably should because that may be causing some of the lag.

It’s updated its server side and client side the lag coming from

I am having lag most likely because I have not grouped anything and I have like 17 thousand parts.

I got 100k parts and it’s all mesh

My parts are all square blocks.

I understand what you mean everything is grouped and anchored and I have 100,000 parts way more than you.

I am gonna message you something so we dont get off topic.

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It may just be your specs. What are your computer specs

Hey I understand you think it’s my computer but my developer is having the same issue and I have set my pc graphics on my client and studio and set graphics low on the application for it self so I am pretty smooth game play I have.

Anyways my pc is lenovo h420 with 500GB of storage with 6GB of ram.

I know people have way worse computers than me so this would probably completely crash their hole operating system if they joined my game.