Made a little café build, i'm quite new to building on roblox studios. Would love some feedback on what I could do better



(With Shadows) and lighting stuff


That’s really good for a beginner! there’s a part on the rood that’s a bit centered off, but otherwise it’s a good start

Hey thanks for the input. Do you think I could sell this for anything?

I think that this is too small to be serve as a stable cafe, looks soo basic. Not bad though, you should expand it and look up reference pictures to add further detail. For a starter though I like it!! Keep practicing.

I would probably build up a portfolio and get some experience before selling models but you could probably sell it for a couple hundred robux

I dont think you should sell it yet, wait until it’s completed all the way :slight_smile:

I have no intentions of selling anything until I build a decent portfolio and actually complete the build at minimum I was just wondering.

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Not much to say, its sorta just a box with windows, Maybe some curves to the roof or even a different shape with more circular corners? Just something more then a box would really make it better

It looks nice but you can’t sell something this tiny for Robux, there isn’t even decoration or paths. It’s a blank model and there would be no current use for it. I’d recommend properly completing it before you think about selling.

Some things need to be improved. I think the cafe should be a small grocery store, so it needs to be a bit larger, and then we would be talking! (Optional)