Made a little floating island in blender

Very big noob at blender, but I’m pretty proud of this small floating island I made that probably looks terrible.


I think it looks cool, but it does a little plain you should work on making a bigger one with bushes more trees and a lake. Try to test your limits to get better in blender.

The only thing that I don’t like about this island is the tree :frowning: However, the rest look awesome! :smile:

Great start, some things that you can fix:

  • Grass is too flat, possibly extruding it and making it hand a little over the edge
  • Rocks are a bit pointy, maybe smooth them out a bit.
  • Better lighting, right now the lighting is very dim.

Again great start, if you make the changes I would love to see how it looks. Have a good day!


It doesn’t look terrible since what I’m assuming is your first creation within Blender it’s a start it may be worth improving it a bit more. Take the time to see what else is missing reference images do come in handy, I would possibly add smaller stone rocks and some vegetation.

In my opinion you could add more branches underneath the leaf extending straight could add a nice addition to it. In general adding roots extended through the ground would add a variation within it, placing other nature props would go along the island if you plan on adding more to it.

Overall it’s sort of all up to you, at the start it looks fine but it won’t hurt to improve it and add other details added on it.

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