Made a realistic showcase

So yesterday I started workin on this… showcase.
The real use for this scene is… to be the lobby of my new game.
I was searching some cool lobbies for reference, and found this one:

Reference Game lobby

I really like it so I took my building tools and started working on this.
I am very surprised with my result for 2 days of building. This lobby is not finished yet, but it looks pretty cool.

ADVERTISEMENT: Sword model made by Stylis Studios, I will not release my game with their model… I will create my own sword soon, please give me some cool ideas or images of swords so I can model
them :wink:

Alright, if you have read the advertisement then you can continue…

My game lobby

Oh, so… are you surprised?
If you aren’t then…
You must know I take the worst screenshots hehe…
Then watch it with ur own eyes in this showcase!

If you think this is real poop, then do it better! I challenge you!

Thanks for reading… I wait for your feedback.
Also, remember this lobby isn’t finished yet! :slight_smile:


Forgot to mention that… you MUST enable max graphics for the real experience… good night!


I wouldn’t exactly call this “realistic” but it is a good start for a beginner.


Looks pretty good, I’d spice up the brightness though.


I think there’s a lot to add/change here:

  • Move the sword closer like it is in the reference.
  • Better lighting so it actually illuminates the sword, making it look important or special.
  • Play around with lighting effects such as DepthOfField and ColorCorrection.
  • The reference photo looks almost angelic because of the color palette chosen. It has a mainly goldish brownish color scheme with the purple sword, making it stand out.
  • You’re missing the UI but I’m assuming you just haven’t done it yet.

Good work though!

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Good start, keep going, i think you need to do some experimenting with the lighting, maybe learn how to use the atmosphere module :smiley:

I already use Atmosphere and know how to use it, it’s just so hard to recreate my reference´s image lightning, I’ve tried a lot of stuff!
Right now I have bloom, blur, depthOfFiel, Atmosphere, sky, sunrays and colorCorrection, try recreating it by yourself!
I also used more than 40 PointLights and SurfaceLights, to create the SunRays. This seems to be easy, but it’s not!

I’ve made some improvements and here is the lobby. I plan to work on this for the next 2 days.
Do you like the UI?
What can I improve?
Thx :slight_smile:


This is starting to look super good!

I’d suggest playing with the blur so the sword isn’t blurry and possiblity position the light to be more on the sword so it looks like it stands out.

The UI is really good, maybe blending it together by using an online color palette could work, the blue is sort of off but if that’s what you’re going for it looks fine!

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Thanks for your feedback, I’ll add some new sunRays for the sword and make the UI look better!

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I think the lobby background in the reference is a blender render.

I think it was made using photoshop, but it was maybe done using blender, idk!

Nah it looks like a 3d render to me.

It looks great! Although itʻs a little dark and the UI buttons might be hard to see for some.

I like it, just it’s very laggy at max graphics. Maybe it’s just my garbage wifi but for the average player it wouldn’t be very immersive because they would have to have their graphics down a good amount. So honestly, if you are trying to make a story or fighting kind of game, focus on the mechanics and story more than the look. If your game looks beautiful but the fighting is bad and it’s laggy, then no one would like to play it. I would tone it down a bit graphics wise, and focus on the main mechanics. But, I can tell it has amazing potential, you just have to play your cards right!


Great reply, thank you for the feedback!

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The characters remind me of The Maze Runner, I do like the lighting too!


I will keep working on this to make it less heavy so people with low devices can play it too!

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This may not be important in this case, but what Lightning Technology are you using? ShadowMap, Voxel or FiB3(Future)? Since it is an interior, a different Lightning Technology may look different.

I used future technology for the lightning