Made A Rewards System

I spent the past day working on a reward system and challenged myself to use it solely from what I’ve picked up from the last month of learning scripting, no tutorials or anything. Really proud of myself and how it turned out, began scripting around a month ago.

Feel free to drop any feedback, just wanted to showcase what I’ve been doing. :slight_smile:


It looks like a daily reward type system. Make sure to implement a DataStoreService so that it will work when the player leaves and rejoins the next day.

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Wow, It’s impressive that you only picked it up from a month of learning scripting.

A little suggestion, You should make the “claim” button turn gray (as if you couldn’t press the button) while waiting for another rewards time to be done.

Make sure the time is universal so if I were to leave the game and come back the time is still the same as I left, if you understand.


Hey there, thanks alot for the suggestion!

Really cool idea and I don’t know how I didn’t think of that but it really enhanced the UI, appreciate it! I also added a little notification icon that appears when a new reward is available – only appears if the player does not already have the UI open. Really cool idea though, thanks again! :happy3:

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That’s amazing! By chance is your game published yet? I would love to give it a try for sure!