Made a script that replicates the old roblox forcefield

Edit: Updated the effect.

Thanks ^

The old mode where colors went through the whole spectrum is now controlled by a variable called “RainbowMode”, which is default false.


Thank you for this

I don’t remember them going through the entire color spectrum, I believe It was just red and blue, very nice nonetheless!

Video showing older forcefield:

fail. lol. I guess I could release an update and have a boolean value for “rainbow mode” or something. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it that I forgot.

I added the red-blue mode, I made it so you can add/remove colors for the forcefield using the ColorSequence at the top


I just finished doing my own method of it right as you replied. Now that I think about it, ColorSequence may be a better idea. I was using a lerp method.

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Hey, For some reason It dose not work for me. I added the script to StarterCharacterScripts and it dose not show the Force Field with no errors Aswell.

if it doesnt work for you, make sure you have a spawn point and the forcefield duration isnt 0