Made a Tire Hat

I just had this random idea of making a tire hat. So I might as well have made it. Here it is:

Feedback and criticism is appreciated!
(sadly couldn’t put any textures into it)


I would recommend making the inside a lighter gray, almost like silver.

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Yeah I tried to. But when I made it a mesh, it removed all of the textures and colors -_-
Because I used roblox studio to do it.

It’s cute but by any chance did you reference it by Astroneer.

Tire Hat

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Nope. Never heard that name.

did you export the mesh right?

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I used roblox studio to make it. Not blender. So I’m not exactly sure how to do it.

Oh it just looked like you referenced from the game lol.

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oh ok I was just wondering about it, thanks

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(original version with textures and colors)