Made an airstrike system for my game

Bombalooza is a game that I and a close friend are working on, and I’ve decided to release playtest videos that show progress on the video that we have made. I’ve decided to start working on weapons for the game, and for one of the rockets, I made an Airstrike tool that can be used to summon stealth bombers that fly across the sky and drop five bombs that deal 20 damage.


This game is really awesome. The effect is well made. When do you plan to release this game?

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I actually didn’t create the fire effect, and I’m sad to admit that I used a couple of free models for the game, since I’m not very skilled in making VFX. I’m not sure when I will release it, as I have much more to make.


I opened the game up, probably going to leave it up for a few hours so feel free to do what you’d like, though there isn’t much content in it atm and everything in it is a WIP.


Don’t feel sad about free models. Many developers like to use free models for their game. The reason why it doesn’t really impact their games is because they didn’t use free models for all of their game.

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This game looks pretty clean. However, why is H bomb anchored?


It’s broken in its current state, and I just got lazy at some point and forgot to fix it. I still have it as something that I need to fix in the Trello though so I’m just going to resolve the issue later.

i found these bugs

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Yeah, there was supposed to be a 3D health bar in the game but I never really got the time to work on it and just ended up working on weapons after I couldn’t fix some of the errors with it, but I’m planning to fix it soon.

And a few sounds in the game ended up getting deleted or just won’t load for some reason… so I’ll have to do something about that.

Going to restart the server because for some reason a lot of weapons are anchored…

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I would place it away from face but…


I think this is due to welds being automatically made after I placed the tools onto the baseplate, causing it to snap.

- Yep, just fixed it.