Made an update on my Difficulty Chart Obby

I am currently working on a Difficulty Chart Obby on ROBLOX, and in my last post of it I got some feedback which helped me change up some things, here are some of the things I changed:

  • Straight UI
  • Changed stages
  • Added stages
  • (tried) To make the difficulties better
  • Fixed spectate button
  • Some better design

Here’s the game link: (1) :star: Bent’s Jump Per Difficulty Chart Obby :star: - Roblox

Please leave feedback if you find any bugs, especially with the UI. Thank you for reading.


Just played it.
It’s a difficulty chart obby, and I suck at 'em.
Something of note is that the checkpoints spawn you in the opposing direction to the way you’re supposed to be going, other than that it’s just an obby. I like.

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Thank you very much, I’ll go ahead and fix that real quick. I can just simply rotate the part. Thank you for the feedback! :happy1:

No problem.
I didn’t make it past stage 5 lulz

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Pretty good for a non-dco player lol.


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Hey! I don’t know if you’re still looking for feedback but so far the game is really fun!

I will say that for the UI at the bottom, the +/- 10 stages navigation arrows and the +/-1 stage arrows blend in with each other. I would recommend having an inner and outer box for + and - stages to differentiate between them.

Also make sure the text isn’t clipping between the colors. The light green should be long enough to fit the colors and the dark green can be like an accent.

Hope this helps!

Also I'm not normally one to play difficulty chart obbies but I made it to the end in this one!

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Thank you very much! And I mean for it to be like that
(the UI at the bottom part)

I mean for it to be like that so it can show the multiplier thing or whatever. (don’t really know how to explain it lol…)

Anyways thanks for the feedback! (and yes i was looking for feedback aha)

I rage quited at level 5.

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What is stage 5? Any Move I make i die?

The UI, in my opinion, it’s a bit big. The fonts also seem to overlap and are a bit weird. Other than that, it seems to be decent. Maybe you can try adding some music, along with a mute music GUI button. :man_shrugging:


Also, from just playing a bit more I noticed that on stage 7 I was able to jump under and make it to stage 8 before it killed me?? I didn’t have to do the “dance clip” or whatever it is. Maybe try adding a barrier underneath?

Alright, thanks for the feedback!

Okay, good idea, thanks for the feedback! And yes, :sunglasses:

Found a bug I gotta fix, sorry about that LOL!

I noticed I accidentally made the void too high up so it kills you, will fix it in the next update!

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I will try your game again, thanks

i made it to stage 10 and i have a lot of thoughts.

first of all, the ui is really obstructive. it’s just simply too big in my opinion, you should definitely resize it. and i also just dont think the green background of works very well. it’s just ugly imo.

second of all, the stages are not very good. there were a couple good ones but aside from that, a huge chunk of them were just wraps. wraps which got increasingly longer or harder. this wouldnt be a problem if you had more levels in each difficulty, but you don’t. it’s a single level for each difficulty. it’s bad game design. you should try and vary the stages more.

the last thing i had to say is that, you should work on adding more levels to each difficulty, the game feels short, and the average player doesn’t make it very far so you’re missing out on playtime.

i hope this helps somewhat, if you need me to elaborate more, just ask. if i’m a bit too harsh here, im sorry i just had a lot to say.