Made angry birds with guis!

So with the upcoming release of my 2D physics engine. I decided to play around with it to see if its user friendly enough and also to fix bugs. So I made a little physics based angry birds’ demo with guis and my engine!

Box Tower (13)

Box Pyramid (14)

Fortress (15)

Shield (16)

Feedback and questions are always welcome!


Really cool I’ve been following your physics engine for a while now and I’ve been wondering when are you gonna make the gui design better

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What to the what?!!1 How do u do that?

If this came off rude I’m sorry about that

No not at all :)!

I’ll improve the UI Design some day! Currently my only goal is to release the physics engine, I can look into the design later!

I use Verlet Integration and the separating axis theorem for collisions to simulate the physics.


This is pretty cool. But it’s looks pretty strange without friction especially in the 2nd gif. Also im not sure about this but it looks like the red square that you shoot accelerates in the air.


It looks good but the objects seem to slide around when they fall.

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That is really awesome! Do you ever plan to turn this into an actual game with levels?

Correct! The friction is just a damp value which is 0.99 so it isn’t accurate at all. Another thing, the mass of all objects is equal. I was lazy enough to simple accelerate the bird in the direction its facing rather than something natural:


Since the friction is quite less and the mass of all objects is equal! :slight_smile:

Not sure, although I might consider it sometime in the future! Thanks!


Couldn’t you increase the friction somehow?

I can do that! But since it’s not accurate and simply a damp value, it’s going to slow the objects down even if they aren’t in contact with anything since external forces other than simulated gravity don’t exist in my world :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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This might also be because of the friction, but everything also looks a little too bouncy. I know this was hard to make and I don’t want to come off as rude, but it would look better if you could fix that!

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Now we’re all waiting for Bad Piggies on Roblox.


You should make the pigs green or blue blocks and call it Angry Blox.

I’m sorry for bumping this topic, but could anyone let me know how OP made the Angry Bird shoot mechanic. What I mean is how you drag back from the red block and let go to make it go in the direction you dragged from. I appreciate it

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