Made my first render

I’m going to render each character in my game for my dialogue system.

This is the one I did of the noob, my first render in blender

This is what it looks like in the dialogue GUI

Glad I didn’t need to hire a GFX artist for this.


Nice effort added there buddy. I like the concept of it as well.

For the noob part on the GUI, I would recommend adding the camera perspective to the roblox avatar point of view in the home page.

Or add a 3d animation of the noob waving in the GUI, Idk how to do that but its possible to pull that kinda way


Aight, I changed the camera angle

I’m loving how it looks with the UI


Nice work added to the character, looks great.

The only two things I would like to change are the shadows in the picture, they kind of make the character look like they have something on their face when in reality they don’t. So maybe take away the shadow if you can.

Also, I would like to talk about the camera angle, maybe make it so they are not waving or if they are maybe make an animation of it, but if not maybe zoom in more and just have the head and torso in the icon.

Edit: I didn’t talk about the text before and the colours, I feel like the colour is a bit too bright, the text overall though is great. Maybe make the colour lighter or a different colour. And just realised you zoomed in on the second reply.

Besides all of that, amazing work and good luck.

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I feel like the lighting could be better. It doesn’t look like you rendered it in blender.

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