Made this cool alarm

It may seem a bit generic but quite menacing.

(Also may not loop properly)


That is extremely scary sounding. Put that in a prison/SCP facility and you might just get yourself a horror game. (especially if you turn it on without warning)

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I love scary things, I like SCP stuff too, all that is really cool and I love to play games on roblox themed like that.

Its very cool. I like how it sounds and it matches perfectly with a prison alarm. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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It’s very good, It sounds like there has been a breach in a Facility or Prison. Another thing this is a good sound for a Horror game.

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Time to change my pants… :cold_sweat: That was honestly amazing, and I know it’s been said like 20 times but this fits PERFECTLY within a horror game… Great job dang

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That is definitely menacing and frightening. I suppose you’ll put that in an SCP game? Because that will definitely sound spooky and have the player fear what is happening. This is actually pretty good!