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I’d like to be notified by roblox if someone comments on an asset of mine, especially ancient stuff I forgot about.

And optionally manage an Opt Out notification list for certain assets because I wouldn’t want to be notified every hour from comments on my places d:

Edit: And put the notifications in the Notifications message tab, or an all new Comments tab.

[test, 2018]

Yeh, notifications for comments on items and group wall posts on groups that you own would be cool and make the site more social and interactive.

Something like a separate section in our inboxes and/or it says “new” on the item?

Should be done how YouTube does it, with a seperate inbox and notification box.

Inbox (Something you may receive in its own Email.):
[li]Direct messages[/li]
[li]Updates from ROBLOX[/li]
[li]Billing and other features[/li]

Notifications (Something you’d receive in a collective Email.):
[li]Friend Requests[/li]
[li]Daily Updates on Favorited items[/li]
[li]Transactions (Possibly once a day for all items, like a receipt.)[/li]

The issue of spam/ spam filtering may need to be approached before going onto this

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Because users need to be notified of shit comments right?

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