Magical Spotlight TOS



Game Rules

#1 Follow the Roblox Terms of Use and Roblox Community Standards.

#2 Be respectful to everyone within the game. No arguing or being disrespectful towards others and their opinions.

#3 Do not use foul or discriminatory language; bypassing this will result in further consequences.

#4 Avoid any sensitive topics, such as politics, religion, etc.

#5 Do not make false mod calls; it wastes the Administrator’s time.

#6 Do not glitch or exploit, there are no exceptions to this.

#7 Do not spam the game chat. If you send more than 7+ messages in one line, you will be muted.

#8 Do not abuse in-game features to harm the game.

#9 Do not advertise in Magical Spotlight You can be muted and temporarily banned from the game if caught.

#10 Host Abuse: You cannot kill performers for no reason or disrupt their performances in any way. This includes spawning in random maps they don’t ask for and starting the vote early. You also cannot restrict players from performing any act listed on our stage maps list.

#11 Judge Abuse: You cannot buzz people for no reason when they first enter the stage. If you own the Judge music gamepass, please take note that you cannot play any sort of ear bleed music. Doing so will result in your account being moderated.


#1 - Do not abuse your commands in any way possible
#2 - Do not impersonate any ranks above you otherwise you will be blacklisted
#3 - Respect all players, and you’re required to use grammar when moderating
#4 - Do not enable your admin tag when you’re not moderating


Ban Appeal

Are you currently banned from the game? View the following information on how to appeal your ban! Note: If you are banned from the Discord server, check your direct messages from Dyno on appealing your ban.

:star: STEPS:

  1. Open the official appeal form link [SOON].
  2. Put your Roblox (not personal) email so you can be contacted on the status of your appeal.
  3. Fill out the information to the best of your ability.

Server Host Rules

#1 - All normal MS rules apply. Although you may be a Server Host, you are not excused from breaking the normal MS rules.

#2 You are allowed to assist Administrators when they are doing reports, but please do not attempt to instigate a situation or interrupt them. If an Administrator tells you to stop following them, you must stop.

#3 Do not give players the ability to noclip or powers to where they cannot be killed by the Host.

#4 Majorly abusing any server will result in a permanent ban from the game.

#5 If you play music, please take it off when the piano map is loaded or before you leave the server.

#6 Please do not use abusive commands (e.g. blind) on a player that doesn’t consent to using commands on them. You do not need to ask for consent if they are your friend.

#7 You are allowed to go on stage, but please do not fly or run around the stage.

#8 TEAM COMMAND: Before removing someone from either the Judge or Host team, it’s advisable to issue them a single warning regarding their misuse of team powers (refer to the Game Rules section for a list of potential power abuses). If they persist after the warning, you can proceed with their removal from the team. You are not allowed to team yourself host or have more than 4 judges on the team. Doing so will result in your account being moderated.

!! When using the team command, make sure to use the command ":log (Reason)" to log the reason for teaming a player. !!

Thanks for viewing the official Magical Spotlight Public Handbook!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact a High Rank.

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