Magnapugna: Fighting game feedback

I’ve been working on this fighting game called Magnapugna. It’s inspired by games such as Critical Strike, Black Magic I and II, Project Submus Accudo and Strife.

I’ve felt quite down about it since I don’t think its good enough. But I’d rather have others’ judge it, maybe that will cheer me up.

BTW, the game isn’t done at all. It lacks thumbnails and the only map is a blank baseplate. There IS a training spot filled with dummies to destroy, though.

I would love any sort of feedback and/or error reports. If something goes wrong, try pressing F9 and telling me what the output says, it helps a lot.

Rate my game from 1 to 5! 1 means bad, 5 means good.
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it has potential :slight_smile:

  • you should try to improve the UI
  • the health bar is a little complex
  • some attacks such as “Rune Imbue” needs more of that “stamina” bar, you should also display how much of the bar it needs

i liked it yes i rated 2 on accident i wanted to rate 3 :c


I forgot to add that, by accessing the class menu, you can see in detail what the class does. Just hover over it’s button! :sweat:

I think the game is interesting even in such a very early stage. I agree with everything the other commentor said, basically, but I do have some other opinions. The moveset at the bottom of the screen is a bit large, and I think it’d be nice if you could down-size it somehow; It just feels distracting to me. I also think the ‘Arcane Step’ shouldn’t be listed as a move, and that it should just be under a dash/dash-equivalent key that’ll be universal for every class. I also agree with zddeis’ suggestion about the stamina bar. I know you’ve said you can find out in the class menu, but having it as a simple small text saying “COST: 4” or “RUNE COST: 4” under the move’s button would go a long way for any new players. And, I don’t know if you’re even going for this (as I’ve never played any of the games you’ve listed as inspiration; I just saw that it waits for players before starting something), but I think a round-based fighting game would be nice and refreshing; Every fighting game nowadays is just about grinding for the next thing, and I feel like they sacrifice the fun for it.

Other than those extreme nitpicks, I think your game is interesting! I obviously think you should improve the UI, and that VFX could be improved as well (I can’t really give specifics, as I have zero experience with that! I just think it could be a bit more grandiose, something like the eternal stab’s impact stuff, but on every hit.), but I think the core of the game is nice; I feel like every fighting game nowadays just kinda fits into the same generic boxes, but yours just feels different (in a good way!). I just hope my nitpicks were helpful in any way, and that you can find some use of what I’ve said!

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Yup. The UI is pretty weak right now, and it’ll be the next thing to be changed.

Nice suggestion, I didn’t think of that before. It will be easy to implement.

When I tested the game outside studio, I realized how humongous the UI was. Down-sizing it is a must!

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I played some of the multiplayer with my friend, and he said he thinks there needs to be some sort of block (and I agree as it’s crucial to fighting games, in my opinion). I’d also say the hitboxes should be wider/bigger, because it feels hard to actually land hits, and they just won’t register sometimes. (video below demonstrates hits just not registering)

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It helps me track down the bug and fix it!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to inform that I have updated the UI.

Here are some images:


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Game looks very fun, although the moves are kind of hard to see when you shrink your screen

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Played a bit and I think the game has a lot of potential. I noticed you’re putting a lot of cool story and aesthetic elements into the character classes and am interested in seeing those expanded on. Plus the appearance of the runes / rune particles is really cool and is different from other games I’ve seen with arcane magic style stuff.

I think the Healthbar UI is too large / opaque for the camera perspective of this game. It tends to block my view too close to the center target reticle (see how the HP bar is pretty much overlapping where the center reticle would be in Shift-Lock view):

As a suggestion, you can raise the HP bar UI higher, or change it into a different style (maybe similar to the Runes segmented bar, but more transparent).

Also, for some reason I keep mysteriously getting frozen while performing some actions. I am unable to send a Console screenshot due to the game freezing. I am wondering if it is happening when I am accidentally pressing a Roblox menu button or a chat button at the same time as performing an ability? This is a screenshot of where my game froze:

I’m curious what other character classes you’re planning for this game. I’m following it!

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Another day, another update: v2.4.1.1!

New map: Splendid Garden!

When making the map, I tried playing around with colors and stuff. I also attempted a more organic approach when building it, instead of making a big baseplate and doing everything symmetrically.

Billboard (Healthbar, Modifier pointer) update!

The infrastructure of the billboard system has been revamped. It’s easier to update now!

Healthbars are now more readable: Scar and Shield only display if they’re greater than 0.




You can also alternate whether you want your healthbar to display overhead or on-screen by going to the settings!


Pre-Alpha goodies

Now, anyone who joins the game in this phase of development gets marked with “Pre-Alpha” in the datastore. I’ve yet to learn how badges work, so for now there isn’t any way to see whether you got it or not.

What's next?

The next updates will be focused on filling up the map list, and after that, on filling up the class list. I will try to work on class weapon models if I can, though. They’ll be roughly on the same level of detail as Runeblade’s sword.

Here’s what I’m planning:


  • Fort Sandstone - Sand, Bricks, Ruins, Desert, Pillars. Hot colors and black.
  • Temple of Hemocrys - White walls and pillars. Christian-like. Red accent (Blood!).
  • Maccara Harbor - Wood, water, stilts, piers, boats, planks. Blue, yellow, green.


  • Vanguard - Spear and Flag. Zoner, territorial, melee. Inspiration: Submus Accudo Valkyrie, Strife Commander, Paladins Ash
  • Hellcat - Hipfiring missile launcher. Ranged, burst, high damage, pressuring, bullet hell.
  • Hornet - Darts (like, actual throwing darts). Chip damage, movement hexer, zoner, ranged, high precision.
  • Willflower - Staff and anthokinesis (manipulate flowers). Territorial, zoner, summoner. Inspiration: Strife Beckoner, TF2 Engineer. I want to make it an unlockable, but got no ideas for the unlocking method.
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