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Magnificent Heroes is a clothing group that makes mainly goth clothing but we also make all types of clothing in Roblox! We make high quality clothing from the finest clothing designers! We also make the best games out there in Roblox!


Magnificent Heroes Group Link:palm_tree:


Group Rules


  1. No racism, bigotry, hate-speech, etc. - Trying to circumvent this rule will be treated the same.

  2. Keep religious and political views to yourself - While everyone is free to have their own beliefs, this Discord isn’t the place for them.

  3. Be respectful and civil - Remember we’re all members of the same community here! Keep any personal issues or drama out of public channels.

  4. No self-promotion - Advertising other Discords, YouTube or Twitch channels is not allowed.

  5. No TOS/NSFW/illegal content - This includes conversations, links, images, and emotes. NO flashing or blinking images/emotes.

  6. No Spamming - should you continue spamming after being asked to stop, you may be temporarily muted. This is to ensure the server continues to run smoothly.

  7. The use of foul/obscene language is prohibited - This server contains minors and/or users that may not wish to see this language used. This includes foul language in ANY language.

  8. No witchhunting/brigading - Discussions about abusive acts against individuals or communities are against Discord and Youtube TOS, and can get both owner and the group and server in trouble. They will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban.

  9. No unnecessary mentions - Unnecessarily pinging individuals and/or roles will result in a temporary mute

Any Problems? Feel free let the owner know!

Affiliate Information & Application


  • Your group must have 100 non-botted group members.

  • You group must be a cafe, restaurant, bakery, juice bar, clothing group etc. We do not accept Military groups at any cost.

  • Must follow Roblox TOS and not break any.

  • Your group must not sell any ranks.

  • Must announce our Ally and our events

  • Have 2 group Representatives.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Our Requirements are subject to change at times.


[1] What is your group name?

[2] How many members does your group currently have?

[3] What are your representatives discord tag and usernames in roblox?

[4] Why do you want to become allies with Magnificent Heroes?

[5] Brief description of your group?

[6] Send a link to your Discord Server And Roblox Group.

[7] How will we benefit you?

[8] How will we benefit your group?

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Once done with the application, You must send the application in a google document to the Owner of the group or Vice Chairman. If you do not send we will automatically cancel our partnership.

Group Clothing Ranks

Baby Doll: 1+ Clothing

Angels: 10+ clothing

Fallen Angles: 25+ Clothing

Ghouls: 50+ clothing!

If you would like a rankup after buying our fresh clothing, message us in the group wall and ask for a rank!

Custom Clothing Ordering


If you would like custom clothing, please join our group then join the discord server! Then simply dm the owner or Vice Chairman!


60 per piece

Please Keep Note : Custom Clothing Prices are subjected to change prices at times, as we get better clothing designers that make high quality clothing!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let the staff team of Magnificent Heroes know!

Kind Regards,

Bluesncool, Founder Of Magnificent Heroes!

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