Maid “Attempt to get length of a nil value”

I am currently running into a bug with Maid, where I am trying to add a local function and I run into a warning where it says “Attempt to get length of a nil value”.

function testFunc()


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It’s possible that the issue might be related to the ‘GiveTask’. However, as I’m still learning the basics of scripting, I can’t say for certain.

You should provide a source of the “Maid” library for the people to tell you the reason this error is happening. Meanwhile, there’s an alternative library Janitor with the source code you can copy into your project.

The Maid Libary is widely avalible across Roblox and the DevForum.

Majority of my game’s framework is already scripted on Maid, switching to Janitor is no longer a option.

You are calling the :GiveTask on the metatable instead of the actual instance of the “Maid”.
You should first create the instance of the “Maid” and then use it’s methods, like this:

local maidInstance =


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