Mailbox (Blender/Substance Painter)

Just made a mailbox in blender, probably gonna make a well next, not sure. I still have to add the handle and flag into roblox but this is what I’ve got, might make a whole game in this style.

(I did not make the background rocks, just used them for coming up with the style of the game, from Stylized Station on youtube)


Also this is the wireframe view:

It’s quite low poly, although I do have a very high poly version that I baked onto the low poly model in substance painter, its a little under 500k tris:

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Looks great, the low poly version looks perfectly fine

oh the low poly has details from the high poly, basically i sculpted the wood very high poly first and then decimated it like crazy then baked all the detail back onto it so it would look detailed in roblox.