Main Area In My Game

Hey developers!

I’ve been working on the main area/arena for my game, Minute Mayhem. The art style is semi-realistic semi-cartoonish. The trees, grass, and flowers are all placed randomly throughout the map on every run as well, so it may look unbalanced on some runs.

Is there any way I could make this area look better? Any feedback would be extremely appreciated! Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!


It looks pretty good so far!

Some constructive criticism I have is that it looks a little bland, maybe different sized rocks (some wider, taller, etc) with different shades of grey too. Samething with the leaves on the trees with different shades of green. I don’t know if fthis would affect gameplay, but the ground is looking kind of flat so some hills could be nice too. If not, maybe other details like more prominent patches of grass or maybe flowers could help make it more variable and help fill some emptiness, bushes could work too. If you want to get a little silly, maybe some fallen logs could work well too, maybe not a whole ton but one or two should get the point across.

Overall it looks pretty solid so far and I like the art style. As not much a modeller myself, I might be missing some aspects here and there so hopefully I’m not going too over the top or anything.

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Thanks so much for the constructive feedback!
I added some hills, although it’s pretty subtle. I also added more variety with the leaves by making a script choose the leaves’ colors randomly! I have also changed the color of the rocks and made a couple more rocks with a variety of smaller sizes.


Sorry for the late response (whoops), you’re welcome! I think the decoration turned out really well and I wish you the best of luck on your game!

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flowers maybe? for a hint of color?

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There are already flowers randomly scattered and colored throughout the arena! Although, they are a bit hard to see. Would it be a good idea to increase the amount of flowers or make them bigger?

oo I see them now

yeah maybe put some in clusters and and bases of trees and maybe rocks.

like instead of just one that’s parallel to the sky (makes it kinda hard to see unless you’re looking straight down at it.) maybe three where the other two are facing outwards just a little.

I’m so sorry for the late reply! I changed the way flowers generate in the area now. I gave each flower a random rotation, as well as a 1/3 chance to spawn in batches! Is there any revisions I should do with this?

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Here’s another image of what the batches look like!

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