Main menu concept

id like suggestions on this main menu concept and/or game icon concept
also, this is just something im designing in the meantime, this is not a real game, just a main menu concept


The main menu’s looking good! What I would recommend though is adding a bit of depth. From what I see, the Menu is supposed to accentuate the 3D effect, so what you could do is maybe move the X more towards the camera to showcase the 3D effect of it. Aside from that, the light letters and the light background are blending into each other and look quite bland. You could make a copy of the 3D letters, move them back, color them black and make them more transparent, to create a drop shadow effect.


im happy with how this looks, definitely could have some more detail later but this looks great

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I think for a main menu this would looks great! you could add some buttons for play, settings, etc in the middle and I think that would look good. Or maybe add the settings icon to the bottom left hand corner.

i say i needs more stuff on the sides, or make the sides brighter unless its the shadow of the building in which i would add trees or something

i think some clouds would be nice but thats just me, maybe some snow or wind effects too. looks pretty clean

This is looking very good. I’d make it a little less bright as well as adding colour and detail. What type of main menu would this be?