Main menu concepts?

I am working on a game: “New Terra IV”,
Essentially, it is a space-exploration game where Players are granted the ability to command their own Star-ship to explore the galaxy.

I’ve attempted and discarded several styles of a menu as I cannot settle on one satisfying.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Some new concepts:


Is there any additional detail you can tell us about the menu? What buttons are there and what happens when you press each button? Does the transition between between menu and gameplay keep you in the same place or warp you to a new one?

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Ideally, the premise is to be a simple menu;

It’s more of the creating a pleasing background / menu lay-out for the Player(s) to interact with, within ROBLOX.


This checks PlayerData; if new profile, generates a random star-ship and begins the first ‘episode’ [Tutorial].
elseif an existing profile, proceeds to generate the star-ship and loads the Player into the game.


Opens the store to purchase gamepasses available for the game.


Credits of those involved in the development of the game.

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Assuming you will keep a button to access gamepasses at any point for monetization purposes, and credits can be shown on a loading screen a la phantom forces, is a menu strictly necessary here?

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So, I’m not personally great at this kind of thing, but if I were to be playing the game myself, I would choose the first image as your menu, as it is just more appealing in terms of style and layout. For the backgrounds of the other two, they seem too bright, while the first is just kind of calming.
I’m not sure if this helped at all, but here you go.

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You could have one of those menus with a background and stuff is going on. Here’s an example from the simpsons hit and run, the main menu screen has Homer sitting on a sofa, while random stuff happens in the background like people walking past.

For example, the player’s character could be sitting down somewhere or just doing something and a normal scene happens I guess??? idk lol

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