Main Menu design - Undead At World Wars

I reworked my menu design due to some performance issues. (server-side) and also added tweening to each camera instead of teleporting. And OST adjusted to a slower tempo to describe the scene.

full ost:


Looks cool! I like how it moves around as you click the UI. The music sounds good too. I like it.

What is the age rating going to be for the game?

It’s either 9+ or 13+ but it’s most likely 13+ because it contains very bloody stuff. And also ww2 yk events and stuff that’s banned.

Very bloody stuff is kinda 17+.

This main menu looks VERY good! I like the style and theme of it, it’s very original and unique to Roblox! Good job on this!

Yeah, I just read the experience guidelines so it’s probably going to be mostly unplayable for some people, I’ll try add a setting to toggle gore later maybe.