Main Menu Feedback

Hello developers, I am requesting feedback on the redesigned main menu I have made. Here’s the game:

Here’s a video:



Very nice, but I am not really a fan of the teleport screen, it feels it has nothing to do with the rest of the ui and instead looks like it’s just a prompt asking for an input.

what should I add then? I don’t really do UI much so I am clueless.

  1. Add some animations to the noob in the background.
  2. Some camera shake in menu screen would be nice.
  3. Add some sound effects and ambience to the menu screen.
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I was going to add camera shake originally, but couldn’t figure out how/find a tutorial. Is it possible you can link one?

sleitnick’s CameraShake module has a preset called HandheldCamera. Or if you’re not happy with it, you can create your own preset!


I actually have one! (I found it on youtube tho)

also good luck on your game it’s really interesting

local speedx,x,speedy,y = 76,0.75,62,0.75 --sway speed and max sway on X and Y

local lspeed = 0.01

local function lerp(s,e,a) return s+(e-s)*a end

local ix = 0

local iy = 0

local pi,sin,pi2 = math.pi,math.sin,math.pi*2

local cam = workspace.CurrentCamera

local lsx,lx,lsy,ly = speedx/1000,x/1000,speedy/1000,y/1000






ix = (ix + lsx)%pi2

iy = (iy + lsy)%pi2

cam.CFrame = cam.CFrame * CFrame.Angles(sin(ix)*lx,sin(iy)*ly,0)

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Here’s an example video of that code:


The menus animate linearly, but everything else looks good! I especially like the input help on the bottom of the screen, it looks clean.

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Do you have any ideas of other tweening styles? I am using quad right now, but you’re right, it is too linear.

Try using quint or circular and also make the tween faster. If nothing looks good, maybe you should fade the ui (CanvasGroups) instead of moving it out of screen?

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Well, that’s what I did originally, but CanvasGroups kinda suck so I just moved to tweening the position of screen.

I think showing the same image as the main menu’s background image would look nicer like in some other games such as Vesteria.

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