Main Menu GUI Design [Feedback] Hyperlust

Hey everyone,

I wanted to see what people think of my first time making a main menu for a game I’m currently working on. I have only been working with UI design for almost 2 months now, so It would be great to get some tips on it! :smiley:

The screenshot of it is posted below, I would really appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions since this is my first time making a main-menu. I want to know if the UI design is lacking, too dark/too bright, not pleasing to the eye etc,…



I think it looks great so far! Assuming you’re already going to add more to the right hand size, I don’t see much wrong with this. The buttons on the left are very detailed, while not becoming too overwhelming.

By the way, on the “Credits” button to the far left, there’s a really small block there, which honestly at first I thought was a speck on my screen. Might want to either cut it out or enlarge it.

Great job overall, though! :grin:


Thanks so much! I appreciate the feedback!

I am planning to add some more information on the right-hand side, so the right side won’t look as empty. The small-block you see in the credits button is a small structure far in the back, it is a little annoying to look at so I will remove it in the final version.

Again, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated! :smiley:

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Very Nice, I like the split too screens it definitely looks more war type or any type of survival game. Very neat. :slight_smile:

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This is a very nice menu GUI! This is the best main menu GUI I have ever seen in ROBLOX. :slight_smile:

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Really awesome! I love the design. But since you wanted feedback, here are some little things you could improve!

  • Some of the fonts are bold, some of the fonts are light. Would look better if they were the same!
  • The fonts aren’t alligned well image
  • I don’t know if it is your design, but I think gradient would look much better without the stripe effects. And the screen also looks a bit empty. I recommend adding something, or making the “HYPERLUST” image bigger.

That’s all. Good luck!


Thanks so much! I appreciate the compliments!

xD I doubt that, I’m pretty sure there are way better menu screens from expert UI designers, but thank you very much for the compliment! Greatly appreciated! :smiley:

I see, I’m definitely gonna make the fonts all the same but the font misalignment wasn’t purposefully done by me, so I’m not sure if that is a Roblox Studio thing, il have to look into it. I am planning to add some more information or an image/GFX on the right-hand side so it doesn’t look as empty. Thanks so much for your feedback and comments! It motivates me to work harder and better!


Looks very nice. I really like how you used images in the main menu. I recommend you make the “Play”, “Credits”, and “Settings” text the same size and not different sizes. Overall, the main menu looks great. :+1:

Thanks so much for the suggestion! I am going to do that!

The menu looks great. Your choice of color flows together but there are a few problems.

  1. Fonts. Play, Credits, and Settings all have a different font. This makes it look weird.
  2. The empty space next to the menu. You could have a camera there possibly to watch player’s builds or look at the map.

Thanks for the feedback. I am going to change the fonts so they all match, a lot of people have been saying that and I agree. I am also planning to add some for of GFX/image or information that will make the right side less empty.

Again, thanks very much for the criticism and feedback as well as the compliments, it motivates me to work harder and better!

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That looks really cool! I like the decals/pictures for the buttons. Overall amazing design!

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It looks great actually! The only thing I suggest you tweak a bit is the gradient white bar separating the background and the game options. If you’re trying to replicate a metallic look, you can look up metal mockup textures instead, cause a simple white-gray gradient doesn’t look quite as good:) GLHF!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment! :smiley:

Thanks so much! I will definitely take your suggestions into consideration! Again, thanks for taking your time and giving me feedback, I really appreciate it!

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