Main Menu UI Feedback

Main Menu UI.

This took me around 3 hours to make because of how I was messing up the design. But please tell feedback! This is for one of my upcoming games.


Is your “What to know” actually going to be that long?


loving the intuitivity of the design!! one little nitpick is that the boxes arent perfectly aligned with each other or properly centered

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the text isn’t always aligned well. thats all i have to say. its good other than that


Its already put in there, just another language so yes it will be.

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It looks clean and slick but there are a few problems. Some text isn’t aligned properly inside a frame and some text isn’t at the correct size, the “play” button is an example of that. As well as what to know the page is a bit big, no one will actually read the entire thing. Instead, make it so there is a larger text size and a smaller amount of text per page.

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I have a few issues, first of all, do not put a massive wall of text like this, it’s likely to be too much for a player to process.


Secondly, I don’t think the back to home button in the shop is in the best position, I’d recommend moving it to the right a bit more.

Furthermore, in the shop, there is an inconsistency between position of the pricing text and I’d recommend making it so that the third item at the top (right edge) lines up with the item at the bottom (right edge):


Finally, again more sizing and position inconsistencies:


That isnt in another language, its placeholder text.

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That’s a template, placeholder text.

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Thank you for telling them that.

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It could be another language. We will never know.

It is not. Just google “Lorem ipsum”

dude it’s literally in latin about sports or something. last time i checked, latin was still a language… but u do u ig