Main Studio Toolbar Disappears

Reproduction Steps

- Open the first instance of Roblox Studio

  • Open another instance of Roblox Studio
  • Hit play in the first instance, then hit stop
  • At this point, sometimes the main top toolbar has disappeared

This problem started a day or so ago, right after the new Studio build was released.

Expected Behavior

To view the main top toolbar, and not have it disappear.

Actual Behavior

The main top toolbar is not visible. (sometimes)


If I tab out of Roblox Studio, and than back in, the main toolbar may become visible again.

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2023-01-05 00:01:00 (-05:00)


This is true, and it even happens with the game window. (causes me to not see anything but widgets??)
It’s so irritating, I hope this gets fixed soon.

This happens when you accidentally double click the toolbar. Double click it again to bring it back.

I have not seen this happen during playtesting. It might be due to a keyboard shortcut or macro you have configured.

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Does it look like this?


If so, you can simply click the downwards-facing arrow on the far right to completely dock it, instead of it being sort of like a floating window:



I am no longer having this issue, so it may have been resolved by Roblox.

When it did happen, after I pressed stop during a play test, there was a lot of flickering as if several windows were going in and out of focus incorrectly. The toolbar would disappear, and sometimes there were artifacts remaining on the screen such as a horizontal line.


This Is Happening Again
This started happening again.


  1. Open Roblox Studio. In my case, I opened a local file.
  2. Open another instance of Roblox Studio. In my case, I opened one of my published games. At this point, the main toolbar is gone.

To fix, I need to quit the second instance, and then open it up again.

Hello! Could you please provide a video with this issue?

It is not happening anymore. There were a series of additional bug reports on similar issues, so it may have been solved.

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