Main UI, balance, etc


I made this for my police roleplaying game. I would be very glad if you tell me how to improve this.


This is beautiful, I personally can’t think of any changes. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I hope to ever get the patience to make UI like this haha!

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pretty nice id say and it’s good yea

yea it’s good to me not really anything i can suggest

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This UI looks good. It’s just as it should be, not too much and not too little. Good job on it!

the first one is pretty good but its not very consistent the icons all match except for the bell one which makes it seem like you didn’t make them also the icon backrounds don’t have a stroke like the main frame and the wavy pattern on the right of the frame is weird

and for the second ui… well it looks nothing like the first one it has a totally different stroke color it looks like it would be in a fantasy style rpg definetly not a police roleplay game and the icons also don’t match

overall nothing really matches which is of course not the greatest and makes it seems like there stolen which I’m not saying they are but looking at your other posts it doesn’t seem impossible

Actually, the second work was created as an example for stamina and HP, but I decided to fit everything into one menu

ah so your not using the second one then?
im just asking why did you make it such a different style if you were going to use it?

No, I’m not going to use a second work, since I placed the stamina and HP around the character photo. I just made it as an example, I didn’t like it, but I decided to post it.

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just a question. why is it that with a simple reverse image search I found that exact ui on multiple google websites?

I don’t know where you found this as I rarely share my art on other platforms. If you want, I can send files of these works, but later. Can you send a photo where you found that?

found this on a couple sketchy websites
claiming other peoples’ work as your own probally isn’t a good idea

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that this was just an example. Since I said that I have problems with English, I may confuse you.

I understand you have problems with English which I can see how it would be frustrating but you do claim that you made and own these

and seeing how other people have claimed that they have seen some of your models in other places this is a little suspicious

Perhaps I need to add that the second photo is not my work, but an example that I want to depict. Excuse me once again for my confusion and my bad English

ok it would be good if you clarified that in the post but the first one you made right?

Yes, the first photo is my work.

Looks good, but why is every icon colorful except the bell icon?