Main world & First world for my upcoming clicker

For the past 7 - 8 days, I have been working almost non stop on my upcoming clicker game. So far I have completed the main hub and the first two world as of this post, but I will not be sharing the second world as I have not revealed it publically yet.

if you would like to keep updated on the game, add me on Discord: Exedus#5888

Main Hub

First World


WOW! Absolutely amazing! Looks very good great job!


Stunning visuals! :happy4: I’m excited to play the game once it’s released!

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This looks super cool! Love the idea of a simulator underwater. Can’t wait to play this!

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Oh my, this is absolutely amazing! I like the idea of being underwater, haven’t seen that before on Roblox with this type of game. Can’t wait to play it when the game gets released.

Also, I’m very surprised you managed to work on all of this in just one week. It really shows how developers are capable now of doing things fast!

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