MainModule loader invalid

I am looking to make a Donation Board free model.
I am using the MainModule method, but am getting an error and a non functional result.

What is wrong?
require(6424307088).Parent = script.Parent

you dont parent it to workspace because its not an instance in the game you literally just access the module from the library

Where is it parenting to the workspace?

sorry parenting to the script.parent but still when you require a module it doesnt put the module script into the game workspace as a module script instance

SO ALL I NEED IS require(6424307088)?


*note, i noticed i had caps on just now. dorry for screaming :frowning:

its alright, try setting the uploaded modules name to MainModule i think thats what it needs to work
as per API reference :

That wont work. I just want it to load it into myt game.

Go back to my original post. Does the console error have anything to do with it?

if its a free model your making why dont u just put the module script inside the model?

is that the Asset id of the Module you uploaded to the library?

(4) MainModule - Roblox

Turns out i’m stupid and the model must be public.