MAINTENANCE - The Haven Tycoon!


Ever since we released the st patricks update multiple bugs have been showing up including crashing errors, enemy errors and item errors + other minor things. I am deeply sorry for this unexpected bug mayhem. The game is now live with a multitude of behind the scenes updates and changes. I’ll go through a few of them.

  • Chat has been updated to be on the client and support the new filtering program.
  • Mobile players no longer crash and pc players will no longer experience lag when joining the game.
  • Lucky zombies now count towards your total kills for quests.
  • Items now work lol
  • Various lag issues have been fixed.
  • All badges should now give gems and be functional.
  • Buffed and nerfed certain things.
  • Im no longer invincible.
  • Updated quest and other UI to look nicer.
  • Badge items should be in the game by tomorrow.

I do hope everything is now stable and again I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully these issues do not arise again. You can use code “Crashing” for a legendary consumable box and 5 lucky charms.

If anything does arise please message me, thank you!